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What's an association?

Good question! It's a group of churches that cooperate together for ministry and missions. They do this voluntarily on a local level, knowing that together we can do more than working alone. Some benefits for a church that's part of an association are: fellowship with other churches, cooperative missions and ministry events and projects, and knowing what you're getting when you go to one of the churches in terms of their beliefs (doctrine).

How about Cherokee Strip Association?

Our name goes back to the Land Run of 1893 when much of this area of Oklahoma was settled (in one day!). Our association is spread out over 6 counties that were a part of that original land run. At present, there are 29 churches in our association, from Medford in the north to Perry in the south to Fairview on the west and Billings on the east [see maps under Info Center Tab].

What if I want to visit a church?

Many of our churches have websites that give their location and times of services, Sunday School/small groups, etc. However, if you can't find the pertinent info for the church you want to visit, please give us a call here at (580)234-2512. Guests are always welcome at our churches. Although it might be a little intimidating to go to a new church for the first time, you'll find folks eager to help you feel at home.

Matt Spann
Director of Missions



Please encourage your congregation to participate in this free event. It's Saturday, March 10th from 9:30 a.m.-12 noon. Our host church will be Graceway, 2918 W. Randolph Ave., Enid.

Does your church have posters for "Engage-Turning Everyday Conversations Into Gospel Conversations"? I've attached the posters in our info center. Please let us know if you would like some from here. I will deliver them if needed.

Senior Adult March luncheon

Upcoming Ministers' Conference topics

Here’s what we’ve got for the first quarter of 2018 in terms of Ministers’ Conferences:

Feb 20: “Understanding Generation Z’ers and Fostering Their Spiritual Growth” (Andy Wilkins, OBA Headmaster)

Mar 6: “Following Up New Believers and Bringing Them into the Life of Your Church” (Garry McNeill, FBC-Cherokee)

Mar 13: “Getting a Grip on Lifeway’s Bible Study Curricula and Other Resources” (James Bond, OKC Lifeway Manager)


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Ministers' Conference
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
“Understanding Generation Z’ers and Fostering Their Spiritual Growth” (Andy Wilkins, OBA Headmaster)
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